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Ail pursues customer satisfaction based on the best technology.

As a company that respects and puts people first and a company full of confidence that seeks to convey its core values at all times, Ail will become a cornerstone that makes a vital contribution to the success and development of the nation’s machine tool industry.

Ail is proud of its advanced technology.
Hello, everybody! Thank you for visiting the internet site of Ail.

Ail has made steady growth in the field of machine tools which are necessary for car manufacturing since its foundation in 1997 and has been recognized for its leading position. All members of the company are making the utmost efforts to manufacture and remodel machine tools that benefit customers based on the fundamental principles and values of the company: trustworthiness, sincerity and responsibility.

All executives and employees of the company are experts with many-years of experience and know-how and have been striving to acquire the latest technology and engage in R&D through technical training and IT technical education with UNIST and the University of Ulsan. We will continuously make endless efforts to promote permanent and long lasting development of the nation’s machine tool industry.

We wish all of the people visiting our internet site prosperity and success.